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Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy in Wrightsville Beach, NC...

Dr. J.M. James

Being in my late eighties, I was beginning to become more sedentary, deconditioned and having greater difficulty merely performing regular activities of daily living around the house or getting around in the community. This was in part due to worsening unsteadiness on my feet, fear of falling or breaking a hip and ending up in a nursing home.

I took my MD’s advice and contacted Dr. Jeff Weisler with Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy, and I can honestly say that I am glad that I did. Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy’s in-home, concierge model makes receiving Physical Therapy services as easy for me as waking up from a nap and heading down stairs!

Dr. Jeff Weisler has helped me significantly improve my balance, strength, stamina and walking tolerance. I am once again able to walk beyond the end of my driveway, to/from our dock and around the block. I am becoming more comfortable walking over uneven, grassy terrain around our home and in the community; often without needing to take multiple seated rest breaks as I had before therapy.

Dr. Weisler is very knowledgeable and compassionate, yet he has a great sense of humor, and always comes to my home with a smile. He really listens to me and is always looking for ways to incorporate my personal interests into our treatments in ways that will challenge and motivate me: For example- repairing a dock box, installing cleats, making flag pole adjustments, etc.

It’s a pleasure to work with Dr. Jeff Weisler and I always look forward to each therapy session whether its for pain relief or just maintaining my strength and mobility to continue confidently and happily living in my own home.
Dr. J. M. James

The Family of James Meyer

I am writing this letter with pleasure to recommend Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy. WBPT was hired by our mother to assist my father with physical therapy to hold back the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr Jeff Weisler’s experience aided my father in providing the right therapy throughout his care, this included light weights, resistance training and walking. Jeff came to the house three days a week and changed the therapy as needed. Jeff was also a companion for my Dad, he built a trust and friendship with him, and because this bond grew over the time of his care, my Dad was able to push himself to do more than he thought he could.

Jeff expanded his care to my Mom as well, we teased him that he was also a IT support when my Mom needed help with her iPhone - so the care was extended beyond my Dad. Jeff was and will always be a part of our family.

We, all four children, got to meet Jeff when my Dad came home for his final days. Jeff guided and assisted us to understand how to move him and bring him comfort. He gave us the confidence to do what needed to be done, because he knew my Dad so well.

We were blessed to have Jeff come into our family and take such good care of my Dad. His knowledge and skill went above and beyond our expectations. We would all highly recommend Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy for anyone or any family that is looking for home physical therapy.

Angela V.

Dr. Jeff Weisler from Wrightsville Beach Physical Therapy was highly recommended to me from my MD. I was in my late eighties when I suffered from sciatica and had fallen several times, and didn’t have much strength in my legs which made it difficult to walk and do my everyday chores.

Dr. Weisler helped me with the sciatica and also did many exercises to help strengthen my legs, and work on my balance so I was able to walk better! I’m 92 now and with Dr Jeff leaving me instructions on exercises I could do at home on my own to maintain my strength has helped immensely!

Dr. Weisler is very attentive, caring and professional. It was also very convenient to have him come to my home especially since I don’t drive. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Dr Jeff is truly a committed Physical Therapist!

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